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There is a major shortage of long-haul truck drivers and related industry workers in Canada at this time. To fill this need, many transport companies hire truck drivers from overseas.

In the west coast provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, the shortage is especially acute. This situation provides an opportunity for those who are adventurous and who are motivated to take up the challenge.

To qualify, drivers must have at least 5 years experience commercial truck driving experience and at least 150,000 kilometres of driving logged.  Two of the years experience must be driving semi, A or B train articulated transports. Drivers have to be 25 years of age or older and, they have to be able to read and write reasonable English as well as speak and understand the spoken language.  Heavy Duty Mechanics must be certified and, auto body workers must be experienced.

Success Immigration Services Ltd, referred to as "SIS", is the segment of our company that handles the documentation (the 'paperwork' portion) of the immigration procedures. CdnWork (Immigration Services) Inc., referred to as "CdnWork", works with the trucking and transport companies regarding job offers and contract provisions. In addition, CdnWork makes the arrangements to have you met upon arrival, have you housed, and generally facilitate your move to Canada. Please take a tour of our site and contact us to see if you qualify. If you do, we can help you find a job and emigrate to Canada.